Metal Sculpting


Metal sculptures art for sale and rent out. Metal sculpture artist and metal art creator Joseph Gagnepain creates metal works in the forms of animals, bowls, robots, statues, mascots, and many other larger then life creations for schools, events, gardens, and many more.

Joe engaging in the task of creating something meaningful from society’s refuse, working it into monumental works of art. Gagnepain mimics living forms with inorganic matter, creating animals, insects, plants, and whimsical abstractions from garbage. 

Sculpture Art for Sale: Please contact: 630.456.6626

Materials: Metal and plastic; including bicycle parts, plastic toys, antique metal pieces, car parts, and anything that can be scavenged to reduce environmental impact



Ice & Snow Sculpting

Ice sculpture and snow sculptures available for creative weddings, festivals, live events and demonstrations. Joseph Gagnepain creates artworks that revel motion picture productions. His art moves freely between the worlds of the divine and mortal and into creative bliss. Joseph's creations display him as the almighty mediator between invisible and visible where he takes from the darkness in life and creates mind blowing visual pieces. 

Ice and Snow Sculpture Artist for creative weddings, festivals, live events and demonstrations: Please contact: 630.456.6626

Materials: Ice and Snow



Signs & Sand Sculpting


Sand and signage sculpture for weddings, festivals, live events and demonstrations. Joseph uses many mediums like Paint, Snow, Ice, Sand, Wood, Metal, and more to convey his unconventional style that comes from his soul. His art is on another plane of existence! He is the conductor of souls into the creative afterlife. 

Sand and signage sculpture Artist: Please contact: 630.456.6626

Materials: Metal, sand, and mix media